About Us

Welcome to thetwobobs.com!

We are The Two Bobs, also known as Rob (no hair) and Robert (slightly more hair).  We “met” when we both started as ambassadors on an Apple enthusiast website and quickly realized we were similar. Sarcastic comments, witty remarks (often snide) that raised a few hairs, and enough disillusionment to make it interesting.

On a lark, Robert mentioned to Rob “When we have our own podcast…” and The Two Bobs Podcast was born.

We cover all the things we love, like craft beer, food, and weird news stories (what we call Crazy News). We also talk about things like family, as well as pop culture (what little we understand and know about it, of course), sports, social insecurities and plenty of other stuff to keep you coming back!

You can subscribe to The Two Bobs on our subscribe page, or contact us here.  We appreciate you sharing the show — help spread the word!

Thank you 🙂