What Are We Drinking?

In each The Two Bobs Podcast episode, we enjoy a beer on the show (most of the time, anyway).  Because even we can’t keep track in our heads, we decided to keep track here on the website. If you have a beer you think we should try, let us know!


TTB004: Inconvenient Pooping

  • Robert was drinking Ghost of the 43rd American Pale Ale by Three Notch’d Brewing Co. (threenotchdbrewing.com)
  • Rob enjoyed a Vanilla Java Porter by Atwater Brewery (atwaterbeer.com)

TTB005: Tree Seeds

TTB006: Love and Pizza

TTB007: Al Coholic

TTB008: There Are 2 ‘A’s in Caramel

TTB009: Jaden Smith Is Pretty Much A Genius

  • Rob wasn’t working, so he drank a Train Wreck by Mountain Town Brewing Co. (http://www.mountaintownbrew.com)
  • Robert was being a good employee and not drinking while working. He was on his lunch; calm down!

TTB010: A S*** Ton of Water

  • Rob’s stomach wasn’t agreeing with alcohol consumption, but he talked about a Luciver’s Cuvée by Latitude 42 Brewing Co. (latitude42brewingco.com) that he drank earlier that day.
  • Robert sipped on a poorly served Alpha Ale from Wild Wolf Brewing Co. (wildwolfbeer.com)

TTB011: Stupid Eli Face

  • Rob’s was feeling fruity with his Liplock Cherry Stout from Atwater Brewing (atwaterbeer.com)
  • Robert really enjoyed a Grapefruit Sculpin from Ballast Point (ballastpoint.com)

TTB012: America’s Pastime (You’ve Been Warned)

  • Rob’s enjoyed a Breakfast Stout from Founder’s Brewing (foundersbrewing.com)
  • Robert was digging a listener-recommended (thanks, Lori A.!) Danzig Baltic Porter from Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company (dbbrewingcompany.com) but it’s a miracle he even figured that out.

TTB013: It Can’t Be As Bad As Vomit

  • Robert drank a Oskar Blues Old Chub, Scottish Ale, recommended by listener Joe G. (oskarblues.com)
  • Rob sucked on an Organic Chocolate Stout by Samuel Smith Old Brewery (samuelsmithsbrewery.co.uk)

TTB014: Assassination Complex

  • Rob enjoyed a Blueberry Pancake Milkshake Stout by Rochester Mills Beer Co. (beercos.com)
  • Robert drank a Nugget Nectar by Troegs (troegs.com).

TTB015: Find The Toenail

TTB016: Being Healthy Is Hard

TTB017: Flavor Explosion

TTB018: Betty White Is Not Dead

TTB019: Real Men Wear Rompers


TTB021: Don’t Point Your Probes In My Direction

TTB022: The Clown Prince

TTB023: Luv Da Dough

TTB024: Rob. Likes. Sausage.

TTB025: We’re Practically Famous

TTB026: Beer Helmet

TTB027: Rob Loves Game of Thrones

Best Of “Number 2”

TTB029: Sausage Missile

TTB030: Four-Legged Undies

TTB031: Snack Machine

Best Of TTB, Vol. 3

TTB032: Ceremonial First Pitch

TTB033: Socks At The Beach

TTB034: Tangent City

TTB035: Pumpkin Spice All The Things

TTB036: Cakey or Fudgey

TTB037: Girthy Egg Rolls

TTB038: S*** Load of Fajitas

TTB039: Cheetos Are Not Chips

TTB040: Classic Van Ert

TTB041: Hot And Ready

TTB042: Chicken Spaghetti

  • Rob enjoyed a Buffalo Sweat oatmeal cream stout by Tallgrass Brewing Co. http://tallgrassbeer.com/buffalosweat/
  • After giving Rob shit for drinking a beer that the other Bob previously drank on the show, Robert decided to pick a beer that he himself has already drank on the show. Karma is a bitch, and she just backhanded Robert in the face. Nonetheless the Commodore Perry IPA from Great Lakes Brewing was just as good as it was the first time around. https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/commodore-Perry

Best of TTB, Vol. 4

TTB043: Ring of Idiot Thieves

TTB044: Crotch Nuggets

TTB045: Robert Kilimowski

TTB046: Xmas AF

TTB047: We’ll Do It Live!

TTB048: Magic Unicorn Formula

TTB049: Beer Pyramids

TTB050: Mount Your Sleep Partner

TTB051: Emotional Support Peacock

TTB052: Former Director James Corney

TTB053: Liquid Fecal Excrement

TTB054: Chocolate Ass

TTB055: Magical Liopleurodon

TTB056: Almond Boneless Chicken

TTB057: We Hit It Off

Episode 58, The Lost Episode (aka Rob Didn’t Pay His Internet Bill)

TTB058: Garbled Mess

TTB059: Kellie Makes Burnt Brownies

TTB060: French Choast Chalupa

TTB061: Big Bulbous Butt

TTB062: Unicorn Saddles

TTB063: STFU Alexa

TTB064: Poop Napkins

TTB065: Shaking The Swine

TTB066: Whackers Wrist For Your Thumbs

TTB067: Where Do You Want These Fish Bags?

TTB068: Would You Wather?

TTB069: Milk Your Beaver