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The Two Bobs recorded episode 2 on Saturday, January 14, 2017. We discussed a variety of issues and played back our first two listener voicemails. Enjoy!

  • Lots of positive and constructive feedback — thank you!
  • Our wives are our biggest fans
  • Kellie likes — not loves — “The Bachelor”
  • Our worst fans
    • Mystery elderly listener called in
    • Robert’s sister likes to throw jabs
  • Rob got drunk and called the show
  • What kind of drunks are The Two Bobs?
  • Worst drunk moments
  • The robots are taking over the planet!
  • Darla WILL be on our podcast. Period.
  • Getting old is hard
  • Some football talk
  • AirPods: Are we buying them?
  • Are mobile device radio frequencies harmful?

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Thanks for listening!


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