TTB003: Big Bobby’s Birthday Bus

The Two Bobs recorded episode 003 on Sunday, January 22, 2017. Enjoy!

  1. “Serenity now” (link)
  2. Sad, sad football chatter
  3. Reviews are in….and we’re winning!
  4. Rob just turned 29 for the sixth time.
  5. Jesus the fish died…finally.
  6. Bob the fish…because Robert needs to be loved.
  7. Technology pet peeves
  8. Inauguration coverage
    1. Michelle Obama v. Tiffany & Co. (link)
    2. Bill’s wandering eyes (link)
  9. The dentist is the worst.
  10. Robert can’t remember $h!t.
    1. New worst drunk moment.
    2. Can’t remember a name? Just make one up!
  11. Kids wear the darndest things.
  12. Who can live where it’s so cold?

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