TTB006: Love and Pizza

The Two Bobs recorded episode 6 on Sunday, February 12, 2017 and Monday, February 13, 2017. Enjoy!


  1. It’s great to be recording on a Sunday again, and Rob didn’t get drunk again.
  2. Sharing is caring…so share!
  3. What are we drinking?
    • Rob drank an Edmund Fitzgerald Porter from Great Lakes Brewing Co. (
    • Robert drank Commodore Perry Indian Pale Ale, also from Great Lakes Brewing Co. (
    • Both Bobs taught everyone a little bit of history.
  4. Valentine’s Day plans
  5. Domino’s is offering up heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day, and neither of the Bobs will be getting it. (
  6. In other Domino’s news, they’ve invented a pizza wedding registry.
  7. KFC’s new fried chicken-crusted pizza is available in Asia only…for now. Rob will try it at least once.
  8. Fries are delicious as long as you can’t taste the potato.
  9. Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.)


  1. Robert forgot to pay his electric bill so the power went out. It’s back on now.
  2. New night, new beers
  3. Recent SNL presidential skits in review
  4. Paper in Dominican Republic uses photo of Alec Baldwin as Trump instead of actual picture of Trump.
  5. 46 of the Trashiest Facebook Posts Ever (
    • And boy, are these trashy!

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