TTB007: Al Coholic

The Two Bobs recorded episode 7 on Monday, February 20, 2017. Enjoy!

  1. Recording on a Monday again. Not ideal! (but it happens)
  2. 7th episode, getting closer to that magic #10.
    • What has been your favorite Two Bobs moment so far?  Let us know!
  3. What are we drinking?
  4. What do we drink when we go to a bar?
  5. Is this the 90s again?  Zima is back!
  6. Wedding bells at Taco Bell in Las Vegas (from
    • Which of The Two Bobs would get married at a Taco Bell in Las Vegas?  What kind of person would do so?
  7. Tech we can’t live without
    • Cord-cutting, complicated mathematics, personal technology assistants, smart bulbs, something to find lost items
    • The iPhone is really where it all starts
  8. Office pranks are fun!
  9. Trying to use an 80 foot whip is probably not a good idea (from

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