TTB026: Beer Helmet

The Two Bobs episode 26 for Monday, July 10, 2017:

  • Usual opening mumblings, bitchings, etc.
  • What are The Bobs drinking?
  • A few…interesting…voicemails this week!
    • Elderly Listener put down her crossword puzzle for a bit and concocted a mashup of fake words from episode 24. She’s so clever.
    • Scary Caller freaked us all out as he usually does. Bob K. and Rob Phil made sure their deadbolts were locked that night.
  • The community was especially vocal about our “gross shit that people do” segment from episode 25 and had a few of their own to share. Thanks, and you’re welcome!
  • The Bobs are still happy with their decision to start spraying the mud off of the driveway instead of wiping it with paper (think metaphorically, if you can. You probably don’t know what a metaphor is though.). Thanks again, BioBidet!
    • Be sure to check out Your ass will thank you!
  • TWO crazy news stories this week, because we care about what’s going on in the world.

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