TTB059: Kellie Makes Burnt Brownies

The Two Bobs episode 59 for Monday, April 9, 2018:

  • Usual garbled mess of a show start. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be an episode of TTB!
  • What are The Bobs drinking?
  • The Bobs finally bested that worthless skank Alexa. TTB is now playing on your Echo device so gather your family around and listen!
  • The Bobs discuss the similarities and differences between raising kids and puppies. Hint: One shits on the floor a lot more.
  • Science has finally proven what we all already knew: Consuming large amounts of pasta leads to weight loss. The Bobs immediately started diets consisting of only pasta, coffee and beer.
  • TWO doses of CRAZY NEWS because it’s been a busy week in the world. It has nothing to do with you so get over yourself.

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