Best Of “Number 2”

The Two Bobs Best of “Number 2” for Monday, July 31, 2017

  • Robert went on vacation so The Bobs are taking a break, too
  • We still need to drink a beer in order to make this a real episode, so
  • The Bobs chatted about an old episode (TTB013) where they ate terrible-tasting candies, and lived to tell about it
    • Robert’s son decided, willingly, to eat some, too (TTB014).
  • Who doesn’t want a crazy edible arrangement? The Two Bobs discuss that segment in episode TTB017, and Rob reminds Robert that his won the listener poll, even though there was obvious collusion with a foreign government (he just doesn’t have proof).
  • One of our favorite crazy news stories (TTB021) where a lovely young lady falls in love with a train station.

We’ll be back for TTB029 on Monday, 8/7!


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