New TTB Facebook Group!

We have decided to make a change in our Facebook presence and have added a Facebook Group for the podcast. When we originally set out to have the Facebook page, we figured it would be us posting our new episodes, photos, links, etc., but over time we have gotten a lot of good stuff from you (our listeners) as well!

A Facebook page is designed for us to share with everyone, but we get a lot in return from you as well, and the best way to have that interaction is with a Facebook group. On the page, listener posts are somewhat buried, and while we enjoy interacting with you there, they get lost to everyone else who follows The Two Bobs, which has bothered us for a bit. Now, if you see something that reminds you of an episode, or want to discuss it with other TTB fans, share it to the group!

We will leave the page up because that’s where we will post official stuff (new episodes, some of our Instagram posts, etc.) but the group is where everyone is welcome to interact with each other, suggest topics for the show, or whatever! Feel free to share fun stuff with us and the rest of the Bob-ble heads!

Oh, and did you notice we had a phone number? Give us a call sometime!

You can join us at

Coming Soon

coming_soonThe Two Bobs Podcast is coming soon! We plan to launch around the new year. We’re two guys who have a unique, sometimes extreme, sense of humor. A few things about us:

  • We love technology
  • We are husbands and fathers with kids that say and do goofy stuff
  • Only one of us enjoys long walks on the beach (the other is allergic to sand and bare feet)
  • Our wives tolerate us, but only to a point

We are working hard to bring you the best show we can.  Of course there will be a learning curve but that goes for any new podcasters.  Be sure to check back here at, and when we launch, we’ll be available here, as well as iTunes and other podcast distribution services!

We hope you enjoy the show — make sure to tell your friends!

Robert and Rob